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EP's Perfect Haggle -- Version: Beta 6c    Updated: 11/13/2005    Downloads: 1007 by 392 Users

Description: (Compiled)
EP's Perfect Haggle
For a proper history, please visit: http://jroller.com/page/ElderProphet

This script haggles for every possible credit, for every product, buying or selling, planet or ship trade, at any port percentage. It requires certain info from the port when docking, so can hang if these displays are aborted.

NB: This script does some INTENSE calculations, so expect some pauses the first time at a given port... especially if the % is low. Subsequent trades should be without delay though.
Release Notes:
5th Public Beta (Beta_6c)
Updated: Expires 2/28/2006

Brief Overview of Features:
1. Haggle and Hold - Used to determine MCIC without completing the buy / sell.

2. Worst Price - Pays the absolute highest value it can for a product.

3. Blue Haggle - Haggles perfectly till Final Offer, then targets 97.99%, avoiding EXP bonus.

4. TWX Pack 2 compatibility - Includes a file to allow Pack 2 scripts to haggle using this routine.

5. Swath compatibility - Traps SWATH's bids, making it compatible with SWATH scripts.

6. Import / Export - Will import or export to a .csv file.
Average Rating: 4.2941175 (17)
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Category: Cashing     Platform: TwxProxy 2.03 Final    Author: ElderProphet

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