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posted: 01/03/2007 at 04:29 AM Post #1

I'm having problems with my old computer, my scripts don't seem to be saving globals.  I'm having to reenter planetary trade percentages every time I use _ck_planet_nego. Each surround uses default settings..putting down offensive figs.
Even running pack 2 scripts the settings need to be reentered almost every time.  That's the frustrating thing, almost every time the script returns to default settings, but one in five times it'll remember the settings...

Question (finally:)  Is this a setting I've messed up?  Or a symptom of a serious computer memory problem?


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posted: 01/03/2007 at 09:04 AM Post #2

Potential causes that I've seen cause this:

1. File sharing issues - You should only have one copy of twx proxy installed on your system or this can occur.

2. Database corruption - Delete and start over.

3. Ambigious file name - You're getting other data writing over it.

4. You've got other programs saving into the twx proxy data dir - Swath in particular, it screws stuff up badly.

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posted: 01/03/2007 at 04:56 PM Post #3

Another possible solution not as drastic as deleting the DB file
There are 2 files for every DB you have created in TWXProxy
one is named GAMENAME.XDB which is the database the other is GAMENAME.CFG

This is where TWXProxy loads and saves the variables i.e. the LoadVar/SaveVar commands.

This file format $VARIABLENAME=VALUE and it is easy to edit with a text editor.
Here is snapshot of some of _CK_Surround variables that are in the file
Run the script that you are having problems with (the ones you think are saving variables) and see if in fact the
GAMENAME.CFG file is actually changing.

I don't know if the database corrupted error is because of having an unsynched .CFG file but when deleting databases make sure
that the CFG file gets deleted also. 

Off Topic >  Computer issues
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