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posted: 07/05/2006 at 10:06 PM Post #1

Laff. So I'm helping family move, we're getting the last stuff out today and at the end of the day I head in to run thru all of the rooms and double check.

Now I didn't just go in. I went to the room farthest from the door, to the bathroom off it that is the furthest in and check the furthest section out which happens to be the shower. Repeat down the line, under the sink, to the closet, then the main room. Other bedroom's closet, main part of that bedroom. Laundry room which is afew feet closer to the door, then the living room which is right off the door to the left. To the right and the kitchen pantry, the furthest door on the right. Back to the kitchen cabinets counter-clockwise from furthest in to closest to the door.

I did it without thinking, and on the drive back... it occurred to me. I had successfully depth-first searched the old apartment. Anyone with similar stories?

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posted: 07/11/2006 at 01:16 PM Post #2

Several TW terms have found their way into my circle of friends vocabulary.
CBY is used anytime someone is engaging in self-destructive behavior
pagers were Limpets
Grid means my personal space, i.e. "get off my grid", or "this is my grid" <waving arms>, so Gridding means...well...use your imagination.
Stock means no house rules.  i.e. we're gonna play stock Settlers
Ztm'ing means sleeping heh

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