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Off Topic > Something for all to see, It is retiring this Sept  
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posted: 07/05/2006 at 07:59 AM Post #1

Okay if it plays okay this video is a tribute to one of our best fighter jets we had in the Navy, unfortunately it is retiring this September. It is finally being replaced with the F/A 18, and another new jet coming out soon.

A brief history on me, I worked on this jet when in the Navy as an Avation Firecontrol Technician, AQ for short. I worked on the Weapons delivery systems, radar, onboard computers, HUD display system, and other things I can't mention due to security, and clearance reasons.

The squadrons I worked on the components were: VF-142,VF-84,VF-102, and VF-33.
I also worked on the old A- jets that got phased out when I was in the Navy, of these squadrons I worked on VA-46, VA-72,VA-115
All went to F/A 18's and became VFA squadrons.

I also worked on the F/A 18's of these squadrons till I got out.
I also did other work for the Navy that can't be mentioned at all.

But this is for the F-14 Tomcats that are retiring this September,
please remember these planes as they did their jobs of protecting this country for quite a few years and remember the men who piloted them.
Here is the link, if it works you will see the video without havint to log on to military.com


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