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General Trade Wars > LTB - Star Trek Delta Sector (Rebang 12/31/08) - 7  
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posted: 12/30/2008 at 07:43 PM Post #1

LTB - Star Trek Delta Sector (Rebang 12/31/08) - 7 Day Truce

"Star Trek Delta Sector" is a LakeTravisBum exclusive custom game, and will be rebanged during the afternoon.

- - - Game D - - -
Turns: 20,000
Sectors 20,000
Rob Delay ON / Ship Delay OFF
Custom Ships & Planets

Alien Races:
[*]Alien Traders
[*]The Voth
[*]The Borg
[*]Species 8472

[b]There is a 7-Day Truce for this Game (Until V=7)![/b]

All the stardock ships are standard, the alien ships are the ones that have been modified. This was done on purpose to give the game a classic feel with a Voyager twist.

Information on the planets & ships can be found on the Game Discussion forum listed below.  Please read the Code of Conduct & Rules located at the Game Details website listed below. Discussion and announcements for this game will be posted at the Game Discussion thread on the forum listed below. [b]As with most every trade wars server, LakeTravisBum does not allow duping.[/b]

Game Details: http://www.laketravisbum.com
Game Discussion http://forum.babylonstation.com

Game Server: twgs.laketravisbum.com
Port: 23
Sysop: Boone

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