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General Trade Wars > Trahern's Tavern -- game BANGS on 12/17  
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posted: 12/16/2008 at 09:18 PM Post #1

Howdy Y'all:

The A game (Aurora Borealis) will bang at !  This game has 20K sectors, unlimited time and turns and has a ONE DAY TRUCE!  Photons are allowed after the truce, the number of Corp members allowed is ONE and the number of planets allowed per sector is four. You can view the game settings at  Also look at  and  Cheaters and/or Dupes are not allowed. You will be out of the game for two days if you bust the truce rules!

Terra will be full in the beginning of the game. I will re-fill it once after the truce and I will fill it once every five days after that.  Remind me if I miss one. It should always happen at 2000 hrs MT.  Remind me if I am late.

Trahern's Tavern:


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